• I grew up in Portage, IN with my parents and older brother and sister. I remember being in our cemented basement at the age of four listening to the story of Elijah competing against the prophets of Baal, and realizing that there was only one true God, and the only way to know him was through believing in Jesus Christ. By the grace of God, from that moment, I continued to grow in my knowledge and love of the great Triune God. 

    In 2010 I began studying at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL. During my time there I participated in multiple ministries that involved both Children and adults, and was able to teach a seminar on writing Children’s curriculum and helped establish the annual NEXT Conference for Children’s Ministry Leaders. In 2014 I graduated from Moody with a degree in Bible and Children’s Ministry. 

    Most recently I have directed a Campus Life (M) through Youth for Christ in Valparaiso, IN and served at SpringHill Camps as the Assistant Elementary Director at the IN location. 

    I love children and love the truth of the gospel. It excites me that the Lord allows the gospel to be so magnificent, yet so simple that it can be richly and fully communicated to His most precious creation, even at a young age!

    When I’m not working with children, I like to be one. I enjoy running, being on stage, writing curriculum, playing group games, and drinking coffee.