With advances in technology, one can access Pandora's Box with a mere touch of a screen. For those who are trying to overcome addiction to pornography or for parents trying to safeguard their children, the task can seem quite daunting! But there are safeguards that can be put into place to make devices and internet viewing less of a threat through the use of accountability or filtering/blocking software.


Accountability packages offer the service of listing email addresses of trusted accountability partners who will receive reports on what you are viewing on the internet. Accountability packages are effective because they hold the user accountable to make wise choices in what is viewed, which instills integrity and honor.


Here is a guide to choosing which accountability or filtering/blocking software may be best for you and your family.

K9Web offers a free blocking or filtering program for families. This is an excellent way to protect your children from harmful content on the internet.

Maranatha wants to help you experience freedom in this area and offers a discounted subscription to Accountable2You for just $38 per year (regular price $70).